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The Ramble Hotel presents FOOL, a new exhibition created by Denver-based conceptual neon artist Scott Young. Opening on April Fool’s Day in The Ramble Hotel’s Vauxhall, Young’s gallery features a collection of glowing, AI-assisted neo-classical images embracing his signature unapologetic métier - romantic duality through the use of neon text and symbolism. The new offering in FOOL surveys the use of artificial intelligence in visual art and represents a symbiotic collaborative triad between classic fine art, the AI platform and Young himself. The exhibit aims to explore what it means to be a fool – provoking thought and humor, from storyteller to subject, and the fool that inevitably exists in all of us. 


“The overlying oeuvre of the exhibition challenges traditions of fine art in utilizing non-traditional methods such as AI, popular culture, social media memes - ultimately turning traditional fine art on its head” explains Young. “These new works reflect all of their artistic passions; some straightforward, others leaving the viewer in bemused contemplation. Further, the body of work is the collision of the ultimate collaboration between historic artists, AI and modern day.”  


This exhibit is a delightful and playful display from Young, The Ramble Hotel’s resident artist, known for his “Wish You Were Her(e)” neon piece that illuminates The Garden on the rooftop, opening this May. 

Drinks will be available for purchase.

Open from 8:00pm-10:00pm. 

Other Events:

April 4
Artist Panel
6:30-7:30 pm 
April 7
Closing Reception

7:00-10:00 pm

**7:30 pm**
Live Performance Art Piece

No tickets needed, event is open to all!

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