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Soundularity is an organic/electronic therapeutic sound journey, cycling through multiple healing resonant frequencies in a musical context, led my Tommy Dill. All instruments are tuned to 432 Hz instead of the standard 440 Hz; these are rich, penetrating frequencies that are believed to more-precisely represent the geometric and mathematic structure of the universe. Instruments include: quartz and Himalayan singing bowls, analog and digital synthesizers, therapy harp, Native American flute, guitar, handpan, tongue drum and various other hand percussion.

Tommy is a life-long musician. He began working with different instruments and sound healing techniques during a challenging chapter in his life. This ignited a passion for offering healing experiences for others through sound. After acquiring certification in sound healing, Tommy reignited his creative spark by applying much of the musical knowledge he’s acquired over the years to his sound journeys and is ecstatic to share it, especially during this time.
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